Student’s residence at Mines-Nantes – The  « Maison des Elèves » (MDE)

Mines-Nantes has an office dedicated to the student’s rooms administration, which is called the MDE. Admitted students can contact this service to book a room in the campus, or in the city center. More than 600 furnished and individual rooms are available ! Once registered at the MDE, students receive an accomodation certificate which is a necessary document for the visa application (student's visa process obligatory for non-European students, see information about visa below)



Student visa process              

For Mines-Nantes students going abroad 

Mines-Nantes students going abroad for an exchange program, Double-Degree, internship, etc have to contact the Embassy of the relevant country in France in order to know if a visa is necessary (mainly in the countries outside Europe).  Then they have to process the visa application by themselves, the visa issue can take a few weeks. Students might need to provide an invitation letter from the university abroad, an invitation letter or contract from the company in case of an internship abroad, accomodation certificate, insurance, copy of the plane ticket, etc. It's important to know in advance which documents will be required for the visa application, in order to process visa on time. Information about visas are also available on websites such as,, etc.


For Non-European students coming to Mines-Nantes

Non-European students need to apply for a visa to study in France.
The Student’s visa is a long-stay visa and allow students to stay on the French territory during one year and to travel into the Schengen Area without any additional visa.


Before leaving your country

Please register at Campusfrance in your country several months before leaving your country in order to apply for student visa.

For those who have no Campusfrance office in their country, please contact directly the French Embassy or Consulate in your country.

We provide admission letters to the students admitted into our programs, this document is necessary to apply for student’s visa. Make sure that you also have a certificate of accomodation (from the MDE or from the place where you have booked a room).


During your studies in France

- On arrival

students have to provide the OFII form they got from the French Embassy, a copy of visa and stamp of entry in the Schengen area in order to have their visa valid for one year. They will also have an appointment for a medical visit. Our international service will help students with that during the Orientation Days.

- At the end of the first year

The International Graduate School will help students gather the required documents to change the first year visa into a  residence permit – called « Titre de Séjour » in French- valid one year. Then you will have to go to the relevant administration (« Préfécture ») to  process it.

- At the end of the second year

Depending on the time when Master thesis defence is scheduled, students might have to extend the residence permit, in that case  Mines-Nantes will provide the necessary certificate for the renewal which has to be processed by the student in the « Préfecture » of the city student hassettled for the internship.


To extend visa after finishing studies at Mines-Nantes

After their studies at Mines-Nantes, students can apply for a temporary residence permit, called “APS” (in French: Autorisation Provisoire de Séjour). This permit allow students to stay 12 extra months in France in order to find a job.  Students have to apply for APS at least 4 months before the student permit expires, at the “Prefecture” of the city they live.

Once employment has been found, the permit becomes a full-time work permit, as long as the type of employment and the salary correspond to the degree obtained.




Traveling to Mines-Nantes


Coming to Nantes by plane

If you come from outside Europe, you will probably have to transit through Paris.

There are 2 airports in Paris: Charles de Gaulle (CDG) and Orly (link to Paris airports website on the left side of this page).

You can take a plane to Nantes from these 2 airports, the flight takes about 1 hour.

Luggage weight : Don’t forget to check with the airline how heavy you are entitled to take with you. Most of the companies just allow 20 kg per person, then you have to pay for each extra kilo.


Coming to Nantes by train

There is a train station just under Paris CDG airport. After landing at CDG airport, you just have to follow the direction “TGV” (high speed train). Be careful, the airport is huge, you could need up to 45 minutes to walk from your arrival gate to the TGV train station. The Paris CDG-Nantes journey takes about 3 hours.

To check the train schedule and book a ticket, please check SNCF-voyages website translated in many languages (link on the left side of this page). Please note that tickets bought online and in advance are cheaper but they are non-refundable  most of the time.


In case you plan to spend a few days in Paris before coming to Nantes, you can take the train from Paris city center, at Paris Montparnasse train station. The journey takes only 2 hours to Nantes.




Map of the campus



International student's handbook


Documents required for visa application

- A valid passport

- Passport photos

- Administrative fees

- Proof of financial resources

- Admission letter from university

- Accomodation certificate

-Repatriation insurance

And additional administrative documents, depending on the countries.



The French national agency for the promotion of Higher Education, International students services and International mobility


OFII Nantes

93 bis, rue de la Commune de 1871 - 44000 Rezé 

02 51 72 79 39



Préfecture Nantes

6, quai de Ceineray - 44035 Nantes 


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Paris airports





Railway transportation




The Campus




Organization chart

International Gradschool                                                        

Dr. Annya REQUILE  

Dean of the International Graduate School                                            

  Dominique MORA 

International mobility Coordinator

In charge of:

- University partnerships
- Outgoing students (outbound)

  Valérie KIRION

International Coordinator

In charge of:

- University partnerships development
- French Summer School admissions  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  Séverine BIGOT

International Coordinator

In charge of:

-  N+i network coordinator
- Academic affairs for MSc MOST students                                 
- Exchange students and MSc MOST admissions                 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


International Coordinator

In charge of:

- Academic affairs for MSc PM3E and SNEAM students
- MSc SNEAM admissions           
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International Coordinator

In charge of:

- International Msc promotion
- MSc PM3E admissions 
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Useful offices

International Graduate School



Office A231 -   Dean office

Office A233 -   07h30-11h45      MSc admissions, MSc academic affairs, Administrative procedures

Office A236B - Students Mobility 



Other services to students

Office A319 - Social security  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Office A323 - Tuition fee payment  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Office M217 - Student's residence   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Office B242 - Computer facilities

Office B240 - Student's card


Coming to the Campus

Mines-Nantes address 

4, rue Alfred Kastler 

La Chantrerie

44307 Nantes cedex 3


Bus line: Chronobus C6         Final stop: Chantrerie 


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Driving to the Campus - instructions in French

"Plan d'accès"