Information for Ingoing students

         Students from Latin American countries wishing to study at Mines-Nantes

Information for Outgoing students

         Mines-Nantes students wishing to go to Latin American countries


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Mines-Nantes will participate to the "Grandes Ecoles" Admission Tour in Mexico

Mines-Nantes will participate to the "Tour des Grandes Escuelas francesas en México" as every year. This event will take place in 3 cities: Monterrey, Puebla and Mexico city from February 03rd - 07th, 2016. Mexican students can require an interview with Mines-Nantes on Campusfrance dedicated platform. It will be the opportunity for students to talk about their study projects and check if their profile match with Mines-Nantes international Masters of Science programs !

Mexican alumni testimony


MSc in Supply Chains, 2012-2014



“The program was a great international experience in both operational and cultural aspects”


University partners in Latin America



Universidade de Cuyo Instituto Balseiro


Universidate Federale de Rio de Janeiro

Universidate Estradual Paulista Julio de Mesquita Filho

Pontificia Universidate Catolica de Sao Paulo

Universidate Federal de Geara

Universidate Federal de Santa Catarina


Universidad de Chile Santiago

Universidad de Santiago de Chile

Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria


Universidad de Los Andes

Escuela de Ingeniera de Antioquia

Universidad Nacional de Colombia


Tec de Monterrey


Universidad San Ignacio de Santa Loyola


Universidad Simon Bolivar