Study opportunities at Mines-Nantes


Individual Admission

International MSc programs (taught in English)

MSc in Management and Optimization of SupplyChains and Transport - MOST

MSc in  Project Management for Environmental & Energy Engineering - PM3E

MSc in  SustainableNuclear Engineering – Applications & Management - SNEAM


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Masters of Science in Engineering (taught in French)

only 1 way to apply for individual international students


Admission through n+i Network 


French Summer School - ACTIFLE Center

PhD - Graduate Researchers




Double-Diploma and credit transfer in Masters programs

(only for students presently studying at University partners)


Internships in laboratories

 (only for students presently studying at a University partners which has concluded a special agreement with Mines-Nantes for internships)




Scholarships and discounts


For MSc programs

- Discount for Academic Excellence: all MSc applicants are automatically considered for it
- Discount for Graduates from University partners
- Special 10% discount for students met at education expo in their country
- Financial aid from « Pays de la Loire » region for DD students
- Industrial sponsoring from companies such as TOTAL, TECHNIP, TULLOW...
- French Government shcolarship opportunities in countries such as Ghana, South Africa.
Please check the scholarships opportunties directly to Campusfrance office in your country.

Mines-Nantes do not offers full scholarships for its programs, but offers some discounts on the tuition fees for some categories of students (non-cumulative).

The French Embassy and Campusfrance Office in each country is the first place where you should check the scholarships opportunities. Please note that for most of the scholarships in the world, students have to apply before leaving their country. Besides, for most scholarship application, students need to have an admission letter first.


For M.Eng programs

- Eiffel Scholarship: Only for DD students
- Financial aid from « Pays de la Loire » region for DD students


Student Registration


After acceptance at Mines-Nantes, the students received an admission letter. The students have to pay the related tuition fees to get full registration at Mines-Nantes, and then process the student’s visa application  at the French Embassy/Consulate. Many countries in Asia also require students register at Campusfrance in order to get approval of their study plan in France and to start the visa process (CEF/Pastel online platform)



Recruitment partners


Mines-Nantes works with some students recruitment partner in some region of the world. Their mission is to inform students about our Engineering Institute, to help them target the most appropriate program, to review application and give advises on it before submitted it to Mines-Nantes, and possibly to help for the visa application process.

Students can apply to Mines-Nantes individually of course, but for those who would like this support, here is a list of the partners you can contact if needed.

Ghanaian alumni testimony

MSc programs catalog



Master thesis 2015

Nuclear Engineering



Campusfrance in Africa



  Information you need about:

- Studies in France

- Financial support

- Student visa application


Campusfrance offices in:

Algeria, Angola, Benin, Burkina-Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Chad, Comores, Congo, Djibuti, Egypt, Gabon, Ghana, GuineaIvory Coast, Kenya, Libia, Madagascar, Mali, Mauritius, Mauritania, Morocco, Niger, Nigeria, RD of Congo, Rwanda, Senegal, South Africa, Togo, Tunisia.

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Study in Europe Fair 

Johannesburg – Feb. 15th, 2016

Cap Town - Feb. 18th, 2016



South African MSc student's testimony


Bongumenzi, 2nd Year student  

MSc in Supply Chains



"The two years I spent at Mines Nantes cannot be compared to anything I had experienced before…"



Excellence Scholarships

How can I be qualified for an Excellence Scholarship?



Presently at Mines-Nantes

Students from the following countries are presently studying at Mines-Nantes:         Angola, Ghana, Mozambique, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania


Recruitment partners Africa

Check the list of our recruitment partners in Africa here.