Mines-Nantes – Graduate School of Engineering- FRANCE  is included into the Institut Mines-Télécom, a leading group for Engineering and Management studies in France, made of 13 Graduate Schools.


What is a Graduate School or « Grande Ecole » ?


The French “Grandes Ecolesrepresent the elite of the higher education system in France. Graduates from the “Grandes Ecoles” are responsible for technological achievements that have made France one of the major industrial countries in the world.

There are two families of higher educational establishments in France:

-       - Grandes Ecoles
        - Universities and university institutes
          Universities recruit after the “Bacccalaureat” (A-level UK / high school graduation US). Entry is non or low-selective.
          Admission to a “Grande Ecole”, on the other hand, is based on an entrance exam. The selective nature of admission means that the number of students at a Grande Ecole can be measured in hundreds unlike the thousands who attend universities.    



Ranking of Mines-Nantes


Their relatively small size explains why the “Grandes Ecoles” do not figure in the top world university rankings (Shanghai/QS…). These rankings are based mainly on the quantitative criteria such as the number of PhDs, research publications, etc.

However, national rankings are carried out in France by specialized magazines and newspapers. According to the criteria applied the ranking varies, but in every case Mines-Nantes systematically obtains a ranking that places it among the top 10-15% of Graduate Engineering Schools.

The ratio students/Professor is around 9, which is one of the best ratio in the world !

The magazine “L’Etudiant” has carried out a survey of Engineering schools for 2011 with a in France classification level (A+ to D, according to point scored on 14 criteria) for its top Engineering schools.

According to the three main criteria “academic”, “professional” and “international”, the performance of these schools has been compared. A+ ranking was obtained solely by 10 “Grandes Ecoles” in Paris.

Mines-Nantes figures among the 18 institutions that obtained an A ranking, placing it among the top 25 Graduate Engineering schools in France. There are more than 200 Engineering schools in France in total.



Masters of Science in Engineeering / Masters of Science


Masters of Science in Engineering and Masters of Science are both 120 ECTS credits, and both allow to continue on PhD. These Degrees are accredited by the Minsitry of Education

Our Masters of Science in Engineering are completely taught in French, they are opened for students from University partners, or fresh graduate students who have followed a special admission process (IMT recruitment, n+i).

Our Masters of Science are completely taught in English. They are opened to students from University partners as well as individual students (online application).  They are also more adapted to the students who already have a few years of work experience.



University partners worldwide

Mines-Nantes has already signed agreements with more than 60 academic partners worldwide, and is linked to more than 500 international partnerships thanks to the Institut Mines-Télécom network of partnerships. Many student exchange possibilities are offered in each program, as well as Double-Degree agreements with more than 20 prestigious universities worldwide: Georgia Institute of Technology, Universidad de Los Andes, Tec de Monterrey, Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal, Universite Federal de Rio de Janeiro,  Tokyo University, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Technishe Universitat Berlin, Harbin Engineering University...

Please check Mines-Nantes academic partners in each reagion of the world:









Links with industries

All our Masters programs include internships in company or research lab. We have a special department dedicated to the relations with industries. It deals with internshipsprojects, industrial fund-raising, etc. Some present MSc students have financial support from TOTAL, Technip, EDF fundation...

It is also important to mention that part of the Faculty is made of experts from the Industrial world: Lurgi, Egerix, Lemnix, Eko Institut, FACS, Thalés, Alcatel, Fédération des SEM, Aurilog, Wise, Sarp Industries, Tougas, Veolia, Bertin, etc

Information about Corporate relations on the dedicated website (in French).


International Research Projects

Mines-Nantes and its Research departments takes part in many research projects at international scale, such as….

- Nuclear engineering projects
- Production Systems
- Energy and Environment
- ...



International Associations and Humanitarian Projects


Mines-Nantes and its Research departments take part in many research projects at international scale, such as….


France’s premier group of Engineering and Management Graduate Schools


The FICEM Consortium gathering the Institut Mines-Télécom and 13 Indonesian universities was created in 2015. Mines-Nantes is the Coordinator of this international project

Master thesis 2015

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Competitive MSc programs entirely taught in English

International Faculty

Mines-Nantes has many international Professors as permanent staff, or invited Professors from University partners. A few examples:

   University of Hong Kong

  Heriot-Watt University

Queens university

  KTH-Royal Inst of Tech.


Massachusetts MIT

  Indian Inst. of Tech.